Listening to Your Needs

We prepare and research before customer meetings.  At meetings, we listen to you so that we can fully understand the problem and expectations.  When this is complete, we ask questions where clarification is needed.  The expectation then is summarized and presented to you for approval.

During project execution, we frequently update you with progress, schedule status, and the financial status of the project.  We use the latest collaboration tools to best utilize data and time.

Measuring our value is critical.  We always ask the client “What did we do well?” and “What can we do better?” — then we listen.  Customer feedback is a vital link to providing better service and to expand capabilities.

Communication Methods Data Management Methods
• Mobile Phone • FTP Site
• E-Mail • eDrawings
• Skype • E-mail
• GoToMeeting • Frequent Design Reviews
• Written Specifications • Facsimile
• Status Reporting • PDM
• On-site visits  


We offer our services only when confident that we can meet your demands.  We provide options, from simplicity to complexity, on how to address your needs to ensure that you get the best value.  We advise you on the tradeoffs.

Apparent risks are identified and outlined.  We strive to provide a clear understanding of the deliverables and whether they will meet your expectations.  When executing the plan, we keep our eye on the ball.

Achieving your needs

We believe that, by our listening and developing reasonable expectations, the stage is set for project success and customer satisfaction.  Once these are in place, the project can commence -- but the client and TriAxial Staff remain a team.

Give five engineers the same assignment and it is likely you will see five different designs.  Have them work independently and that is guaranteed.  However, if they work as a team with good communication, common goals, and customer engagement -- superior results will be achieved.

TriAxial Design and Analysis understands this paradigm and through strong customer communication, sharing ideas, and teamwork we produce the most compelling design solutions.