Communication of vital design information to various entities such as manufacturing, quality, and potential clients and investors is the key purpose of a documentation and configuration management package.  We are very experienced in all types of documentation for a vast array of industries and end uses.  We can furnish the final deliverables in electronic form, published to a website, uploaded to a collaboration portal, or printed to paper.

Manufacturing Drawings

Detail drawings or working drawings are the primary building blocks of design documentation.  These contain all information needed to manufacture the individual parts, and frequently refer to or reference the 3D models when organic shapes or complex surface geometry is involved.  Dimensional tolerances, hole callouts, thread designations, finish, paints, and coatings are delineated on the manufacturing drawings.

Assembly Drawings

Our experienced staff can easily create both large and small assembly drawings, including bill of materials, balloons, assembly notes, alternate positions, and families of parts.  We can complete your assembly models by reorganizing subassembly structures, checking for interferences during motion, adding fasteners, compiling data sheets on purchased parts, and creating attached or detached Bills of Material.

Document Change Implimentation

We can create and incorporate your specific document change procedures based upon meetings or redlined drawings in a timely manner -- freeing up your staff to work on other projects.  We can also help you plan, implement, or improve your configuration control system.

PCB Constraint Drawings

We have experience in the iterative process and collaboration with PCB layout designers.  We have developed specialized documentation that addresses the specific needs of this critical phase of any electronic packaging project.  There are certain mechanical constraints that are needed to correctly position the PCB and interface to the enclosure, while other components such as connectors may be able to move in one or both directions during initial layout.  Certain areas of the PCB may need to be reserved for special considerations such as antennas. Drawings can also be created for keypad or membrane switch specification.

Wiring and Cable Drawings

We can create all types of wiring and cable drawings with information such as wire name, length, gauge, color, insulation, from-to, reference designators, and connector pin diagrams. These can be developed associatively with the wiring and cabling inside of the product or system.

Process and Catalog Drawings

We have successfully created process documentation requiring delineation of chronological assembly steps and catalog drawings with exploded views of all subassemblies at a top level document.  We also address the updating of these documents as the configuration of your product changes over time.