• Precision machine components
  • Large weldments and structures
  • Sheet metal parts and assemblies
  • Injection molded and thermo-formed parts
  • Finite element analysis (FEA) simulation including static/dynamic, linear/nonlinear, thermal, frequency, buckling, fatigue, optimization, drop tests, pressure vessels, and shock/vibration per MIL-STD-810
  • Reverse engineering and 3D laser scanning
  • Rendering and Animation
  • All types of electronic packaging
  • Molded pulp protective packaging
  • SolidWorks implementation, training and support
  • CAD supervision and customization
  • Hands on mechanical skill and competence

Let’s sit down and discuss your project. Together we can determine the scope of your project, and if TriAxial Design and Analysis has the talents required to successfully complete the entire undertaking. We can show you similar projects, discuss what went good, how satisfied our clients were, and also what combinations of skill and focus will make your project even more successful.

We can provide you with references from previous projects. Feel free to interview so you can verify the information we are providing you. Ask them about strengths and weaknesses of the TriAxial Design and Analysis and the actual individuals that will be performing your tasks. Ask them details about how we met deadlines.

Our rates are similar to other firms in the San Diego area. Where we excel is we already have the experience to quickly finish the project. Through our experience, we have seen examples of unsatisfactory workmanship and poorly constructed models. With a clear definition of what your project or "problem" is and what results/outcome you would like to see, we can provide you with a realistic quote of the cost of your project.