Industrial engineering is the science of utilizing the latest in materials, technological methods, and human factors to engineer economic solutions to today's industrial problems. TriAxial Design and Analysis, by applying this science, can provide you with a distinctive advantage in your market.

Conceptual Layouts

Starting from 2D artistic sketches, or even verbal descriptions, TriAxial can quickly make your ideas come to life with SolidWorks 3D models.  We are highly skilled at surfacing and rendering and can provide design options that can be viewed from any angle and easily manipulated. Lighting, color, and texture can be adjusted.  The product can be set and viewed in the anticipated environment.  The power of the software coupled with artistic skills of our staff can be a preferred alternative to what use to be accomplished by artist sketches.


 Our staff has formal materials education and we continually study and research emerging material technologies.  These experiences cover the broadest of industry ranges and manufacturing methods.  The result is an excellent knowledge of material options balanced for the application and the preferred manufacturing technique.

Technological Methods

The continued emergence of SolidWorks features has outpaced growth in manufacturing techniques. TriAxial, a leader in SolidWorks experience, recognizes not only this gap but is knowledgeable in the emergence of more sophisticated manufacturing methods.  Staff members are consistently researching and applying the latest methods to reduce cost while improving manufacturability and serviceability.  Growth and expertise in this area are consistent with the company commitment of being a leader in technical design excellence and industrial design.  We provide the distinctive solution.

Human Factors

Handheld devices require attention to human factors based on comfort in the hand and ease of operation. Medical devices must consider the conditions of use: dexterity with gloves, the range of sizes and strength of the physicians, lighting conditions, and access. Stand-alone enclosures must often withstand rigorous environmental conditions.  Our experiences and increasing knowledge of human factors consideration enables our design team to creatively provide ergo-friendly solutions.