Remove the Barriers

We would like to remove the barriers that, in the past, have kept your company from using an outside firm for your engineering and documentation projects. We are prepared to demonstrate to you, with your specific needs, how we can make a positive difference in your next design project.


Multiply your internal resources with a well trained, experienced outside design service. We provide high quality SolidWorks modeling, rendering, animations, and analysis. We finish your projects quickly and efficiently with our thorough understanding of the advanced capabilities of SolidWorks.

Prepared for any Challenge

Your project will be handled by our well qualified staff as a group. We have the comprehensive experience to handle any type of challenge from drafting to complex assembly modeling to Finite Element Analysis. If your project starts with drafting tasks to be completed by a deadline, and suddenly find yourself in need of some rendering or animation, we have the expertise to provide you with both.

Define and Review Best Practices

At the start of a modeling project we can help you determine the best use of SolidWorks functionality and file structure. We can also audit your existing projects offering constructive criticism for quickly finishing them up or improving efficiency next time. After completion of a project, we can review, document, and train you in the methodologies used to complete the solid models in your project.


The nature of the project and your needs will usually determine the best location for performing the work. We can work out of our offices, on-site at your location, or a combination of both.

Hardware and Software

We furnish our own computer hardware and software. No hassles with operating systems, video cards, or internet connections. We provide our own license of SolidWorks. No installation, registration codes, yearly maintenance, or technical support issues.

Bottom Line

TriAxial Design and Analysis have been in business since 1996. We have completed over 400 projects for over 90 different customers.