We are experienced and highly qualified to instruct and train you in all aspects of real world SolidWorks implementation and best practices. We can supplement the basic knowledge imparted during a typical instructor-student environment by providing industry specific examples of proven useful techniques and focus the lessons toward the most useful concepts and essential skills.

Certified SolidWorks Instructors

Experienced with teaching all training courses offered at your SolidWorks Reseller. We can help you review coursework you have previously completed and make the connections between the training material and how it applies to your specific industry.

Certified SolidWorks Support Technicians

We can supplement the tech support you receive from your reseller by exploring alternative modeling techniques for known software issues to keep your project on schedule.


 We can present to your group of SolidWorks managers or users on any number of topics.  These include “Tips and Tricks”, “What’s New?”, “Essentials of Part and Assembly Modeling”, and many more. We can also create customized presentations on any SolidWorks concept or best practice.

Specialized Training

We have experience in using SolidWorks in a variety of industries and have developed proven methods of modeling and documentation procedures.  Avoid reinventing the wheel.  We can quickly get you up to speed with these valuable techniques and take advantage of our real world experiences.

Project Specific Training

We can address and answer your specific modeling questions or challenges that need the modeling process refined or optimized.  We can help show you some proven strategies on how you can proceed into a large project and create more robust models.  Our insight may help you easily plan for changes and revisions to your models and assembly configurations.

Best Practices and PDM Implementation

We can help train your staff on the best ways to choose and implement your product data management system. We have set up numerous vault structures for both large and small installations (including the incorporation of SolidWorks Toolbox).  We can discuss our strategies before implementations, critique existing installations, or train you with better ways to deal with day to day issues.