“I met Phil several years ago through the Solidworks User Group which he facilitates, and found him to be an exceptionally proficient Solidworks users and a very effective communicator. Years later I was hired by a small company that used TriAxial Design for their design and drafting needs. I was asked to manage TriAxial’s work and eventually take over the work that they had been doing. I found Phil and his team to be reliable, flexible, and proficient. His team quickly brought me up to speed on the work they had been doing and were willing to do whatever it took to meet the needs of my projects. Although we frequently imposed design changes on his team with very short notice, they never complained and always gave us their best effort. On one occasion I asked Phil if TriAxial could perform a structural analysis overnight for a proposal I was working on. Phil’s team was able to meet my demands despite a computer crash that forced them to trash their initial work and start over. I was most impressed and very grateful for their efforts. I highly recommend Phil Sluder and TriAxial to anyone needing design, drafting or analysis support.”
Brad Moyer
“The technical expertise and services offered by Phil Sluder, at TriAxial Design and Analysis, are exceptional. For the last 10 years, as an engineering manager in product development, I have used his services with great success. His team members are clever, productive, professional and have great attention to detail. His team has helped me in multiple industries and applications. His team is excellent at meeting the requirements and adapting to the processes of their clients. The speed and technical contributions make their services a true value proposition. His team can seamlessly be deployed at any phase of development. When I pick up the phone and ask Phil Sluder for help the answer is yes every time. Phil's team respects that the client is the customer. The result -TriAxial Design and Analysis gets my strongest recommendation as a technical resource and service supplier.”
Bill Fries
“Phil’ and TriAxial combine their SolidWorks expertise with a practical understanding of machining, fabrication, and manufacturing process to achieve efficient and economical designs. He was an ideal partner to enable flexible, yet rapid engineering development of our product. Phil was able to see the big picture, yet stay focused on what was needed to achieve the end objective within schedule and budget constraints. Phil’s SolidWorks’ knowledge is a key strength, but combined with his industry experience enabled me to confidently hand him a job and know that the end product would meet expectation. He is the only vendor that I would trust to that level. He helped us win one job by re-designing an electronics box in real-time during a customer meeting. The customer started the meeting by showing us a new set of design restrictions. We were able to end the meeting by showing a new design that adjusted to all the ‘new’ customer requirements. Our competition took over a week to respond to the same changes. It was a privilege to work with Phil and his team.”
Jon Fagerstrom


I have worked with Phil Sluder at TriAxial Design since 1998. Since then Phil has participated in many projects with us, both as part of Star Sports as well as other unrelated projects.

Three of the most recent are:

  • Design of the Zing Shot, a flying toy that is currently being licensed to Zing Toys, Inc.
  • Design of armored vehicles called the LLNL Gun Trucks.  Over 100 were deployed in Iraq and we have testimonials from soldiers who were protected by them.
  • Design of Solar Bridge, a 3 kW photovoltaic concentrator system built for Boeing last year.

Phil was part of a multidisciplinary effort on Solar Bridge which utilized Ray-Tracing and Finite Element Analysis in addition to basic SolidWorks design.  Phil interfaced well with the TRIO Control System team as well as the mechanical construction team.  That project was a success like the rest.

TriAxial is my number one choice for any project requiring rapid concept development.  I am sure you will find working with Phil to be extremely productive.

Dr. John Hunter



When it comes to 3D modeling in SolidWorks...look no further. Phil Sluder is your guy! I am an inventor, and working with Phil has been a total joy. Phil doesn't take short-cuts, so I know I am going to get amazing 3D modeling and patent drawings every time.  When I have design question, and I am wondering which way is the best way to proceed, Phil’s engineering background indispensable. Together we always come up with the possible solution.

I find that in this modern busy world it is often difficult to get a feeling of satisfaction that the job has been done right. This is not a problem with Phil. I am always satisfied! Immediately, I liked Phil's demeanor on the phone. Phil is twice as fast and proficient as the last guy that I worked with. The best part is 3D modeling with Phil is fun and exciting! If you are an inventor like me, and you would enjoy seeing your ideas manifest right before your eyes in a matter of hours. You will have a feeling of satisfaction that the job has been done right and in the best possible way.

Mark Buck